This is the 1st of *many* posts recapping my recent trip to Virginia/Washington D.C. to visit my blonde bestie, @sessionswithstessie. I wanted to start with this day + outfit because I’m soOo obsessed with it  – I think it’s the ultimate example of mixing high & low end items to create an overall “expensive looking” outfit.

This top [wearing size medium] was only $18 & the faux leather skirt [wearing size small] was $15 … NOT JOKING. I also wore this top with a pair of black skinny jeansthe same boots on my flight in! I love how the neckline cut out + lace-up sides instantly makes a plain band t-shirt a little bit more *chic* – but just as comfy as a regular one! Oh & fun fact: when I was buying it, the tween employee literally asked me, “what’s pink floyd?” … #LOL.

I was originally super sad when I found out that the *infamous* cherry blossoms of D.C. had already wilted prior to my arrival & I wouldn’t be able to take tons of artsy pics of them… BUT THEN [during one of my daily Instagram explore page lurks] I spotted a photo of these insanely adorable PINK LANTERNS hanging all throughout CityCenter & my mood instantly turned around. Especially when I realized that these lanterns were conveniently located by the HERMÈS, Louis Vuitton & Dior boutiques.

Besides just having amazing shops, CityCenter has some great little places to eat [or take photos of your food at] like: Dolcezza Gelato, Fruititive & Astro Doughnuts






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