I know, I know – flower fields are REALLY trendy these days & you’re sick of seeing photos of them [#BlameTheBloggers] … but alas; here I am … posing in a flower field! In case you’re wondering – this one is actually located in a totally random Northern Virginia town [NOT in California!] It’s called:


& SessionsWithStessie & I literally stalked their social media pages every day for a month checking to see if they would be open in time for my trip to VA [priorities, people.] Luckily, as you probably guessed by now, they miraculously opened the week of my arrival & the tulips were in FULL BLOOM.

Ok, onto the *important* stuff… I was REALLY excited when I found this Pistola Denim jacket [it’s actually almost like a shirt because it’s so lightweight] because honestly, is there anything better than having a Biggie quote embroidered across your back? NOPE, not when you’re a white girl harboring a deep appreciation for 90’s rap + a slight obsession with the East Coast VS West Coast conspiracy theories… Anyways, I bought it in person at Bloomingdales – unfortunately, it’s already sold out on their website 🙁 but it IS still in stock on Windsor’s online store, woohoo!

I thought it would be fun to pair the jacket with a drop waist, floral, lace detailed dress, some nude block heel sandals & a pair of pink mirrored sunnies for the flower field expedition [as I assume any logical person would do.]





PS: If you’re in the *northern VA* area checking out the flower fields – you should also stop by Stone Tower Winery & grab a bottle [or 3] of rosé like we did!

& yes, I did switch sunglasses when switching venues…. is anyone surprised?

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