Hellooo friends! As you already know if you follow me on social media, I recently moved into a condo in Downtown Orlando [#SoAdult]… It’s my first time living ALONE & I looked at quite a few places before finally making a decision. I ended up choosing a studio in a nice high-rise that overlooks Lake Eola. I was torn between that OR a 1000+ SQ FT, 1BR/1B [for the same price] that was in an older building – it had a huge walk in closet & tons of space, but the kitchen wasn’t ultra updated & it didn’t have a lot of the building ammenities/safety features that I was really wanting. I ultimately decided that I would rather have a SMALLER space that felt modern, up to date & was in a building that I was extremely comfortable in!

My unit has SUPER high ceilings [like, literally 20+ ft] & one end is all floor to ceiling windows/a sliding glass door that opens up to a nice sized balcony [which I love.] Those features definitely make it feel LARGER & very open – but it’s only a little over 500 SQ FT total… & there’s no separation between the kitchen area / the rest of the space. I’m slowlyyyy trying to decorate & furnish my new home in a way that makes the MOST out of the small space + makes it look larger [& stylish!] I wanted to share this process with you guys incase you TOO are trying to decorate an *itty bitty* condo/apartment, or maybe just need some home decor inspo in general! I’m going to be doing a post about EACH section of my studio as I finish it. First up is the BEDROOM area, because…duh, it’s the most important. #ILOVE2NAP

Alright, so – when I moved, the only furniture I brought with me was my headboard/bed, nightstand & dresser [which I had from the last apartment I lived in with a roommate.] Tuft & Needle was nice enough to send me a new mattress [it’s heavenly]; & I had a basic white bedding set… but it was DEFINITELY time for an upgrade! I really wanted bedding that would look more adult/sophisticated & match the overall aesthetic of my new place. One of my favorite things about staying at nice hotels/resorts when I travel [besides the room service, obv] is the BEDDING – I love how crisp, classic & luxe it always is – so I wanted to recreate that feeling.


 I’ve always heard AMAZING things about Boll & Branch + had seen photos of their beautiful bedding across social media… so I was BEYOND thrilled to partner with them to decorate the bedroom section of my condo! In case you aren’t already familiar with the brand – since its inception, they’ve been directly sourcing the world’s finest organic cotton and re-engineering every design for a better-end product of heirloom quality. Each detail of their products is highly intentional  from the tension of the thread to the diameter of the yarn & the type of dye used. It’s all 100% pure organic; proving that products can be BOTH eco-friendly & beautiful!

Honestly, not only does the quality of their bedding live up to all of the *hype* – it’s even BETTER in real life. When my order arrived, I was soOo excited, I ran down to grab the packages right away & immediately opened them up… As you can see in my photos, the Boll & Branch signature boxes & packaging itself is GORGEOUS [almost too pretty to open!] I was really impressed by the details & overall presentation of the products – definitely an amazing first impression.

For my bedding, I chose: the Banded Duvet Cover in White/Stone [I loved how classic & chic it looked], the Hemmed Sheet Set in Pewter [I wanted a contrasting shade of gray], the Hemmed Sham set in StoneBanded Sham set in White/Stone & a Cable Knit Throw in Carbon to top it off!

I’m BEYOND happy with how it all turned out – the Boll & Branch pieces serve as the *focal point* of my bedroom, & create the exact aesthetic I was going for [simple, sleek #HotelChic!] But on an even MORE important note – the sheets are legit the most comfortable I’ve ever slept on. Probablyyy because they use ultra-premium single-ply organic cotton [the highest quality available] to create them, plus they are woven to a 300 thread count – which creates the optimal balance of lightweight feel, softness, durability & quality. Boll & Branch sheets are also woven to last & soften with time!


Another featured item in my new bedroom setup is this modern, gold Arlo floor lamp from Designer Living! I love how the matte gold really pops & serves as a nice contrast to all of the gray/black/silver. Plus, Arlo’s arched design & slim silhouette makes it perfect for small spaces like mine – it helps to illuminate from above without wasting any valuable space!

Hope you enjoyed this first peek into my new place… Next up, I’ll be diving into the office & living area decor!

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